jamieandtaraThe Endurance Retail Concept™ Triathlons, marathons, half marathons and other endurance competitions have experienced tremendous growth over the past ten years. According to USAT (national governing body for triathlon), participation in triathlons was up nearly 15% from 2011 to 2012, and USAT membership has grown by a multiple of 20 in the last decade. Athletes of all ability levels and ages have flocked to triathlon, running and other endurance competitions for the challenge, camaraderie, and fun. Because of this, specialty stores like Endurance House® have experienced growth even through the recent recession. In fact, the average triathlete spends in excess of $3,000 annually on gear and equipment! And even though there are a lot of independent running shoe stores and bike shops, no one has created a national retail concept specifically catering to the multi-sport athlete—that is, until Endurance House entered the scene. Endurance House and our triathlon retail franchise concept is poised to capitalize on this growth- both in traditional retail sales and with proprietary training, fitting and coaching programs. If you are searching for a business that allows you to own your passion, with a proven business model to give you every advantage, we believe Endurance House offers one of the best opportunities in franchising. Having developed a unique triathlon retail franchise operating system, our goal is to become America’s #1 multi-sport retailer. We’re looking for the right franchise partners to team up with for national expansion. Do you have what it takes? Learn more about why Endurance House is an incredible opportunity, and whether Endurance House franchising might be a fit for your personal and professional goals…. request2